#FullFaceFriday Week One - Carter Beauty

Post contains gifted products. All views are my own. 

Hello loves!

If you didn’t already know about my new TikTok/Instagram series then let me just catch you up.

#FullFaceFriday is a feature where I’ll be testing out a new brand or collection each week. For my first adventure I decided to test out a whole bunch of amazing products from Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter (who is also founder of Cocoa Brown Tan). 

#FullFaceFriday featuring products by Carter Beauty.

I’ve loved CB (and have spoken about the brand previously here) for the longest time so it really did seem like the natural choice. 

You can head over to my TikTok or Instagram to watch the full video tutorial and first impressions but I thought it would go hand in hand nicely with a written review to really get down to the nitty gritty of what I REALLY think about my experience with the brand and their products.

“Here at CBHQ we do nothing by halves, it’s go big or go home all day erryday. We’ve exploded onto the market with a whopping 103 make-up bag must-haves. How much? You ask? It wouldn’t be a ‘by Marissa Carter’ brand if we weren’t dishing out bang for your buck. Carter Beauty ranges from €3.95 to €14.95. Our mantra is, beauty shouldn’t leave you broke…”

Sounds ideal doesn’t it? I always say that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look and feel good and CB really is the epitome of that. Releasing fab products for a bargain price is the kind of energy I am here for! 

It was hard to choose exactly which products to use because there honestly is a really nice range with something for everyone but I decided to keep things basic enough (with enough room to go back for a second go in the future!).

I’ve linked each product below so if anything sounds like it might be a bit of you then you’ll easily be able to pick it up and see for yourself.

- Razzle Dazzle Illuminating Primer

Perfect for dryer skin types (however, I’m oily AF and I still love it!).

- Half Measure Dewy Foundation

Again, not really aimed at us oily gals but I really have no complaints and have used it many, many times. What I love about both original CB foundations is that the coverage is superb and a little goes a long way.

- Covert Concealer

COVERAGE. Guys, this one is insane!

- Setting Standards Baking Powder

I really loves how lightweight it was. I also really liked how compact the packaging was which is unusual for a powder in my experience. 

- Full House Mixed Face Palette

This is my star product this week. I use this on almost a daily basis as it really just has it all. Perfect for on the go or saving time. It’s just a great all rounder.

- Brow Out Defining Pencil

Really pigmented but didn’t make my brows look blocky, a winner!

- Window Dressing Brow Kit

Such an adorable set, similar to the Full House Mixed Face Palette in that it would be perfect for chucking into your bag and using throughout the day.

- Come Hither Lengthening Mascara

Mascaras are always a bit ‘meh’ for me because my lashes are utter shite but I really liked this one! 

- Word of Mouth Lipstick ‘Bey’

Carter Beauty by Melissa Carter Word of Mouth Lipsticks.

‘Bey’ will always be my baby! The perfect classic red that’ll take you from drab to fab in a couple of swipes.

- Paint & Decorate 10-Piece Brush Set

Carter Beauty by Melissa Carter Paint & Decorate 10-Piece Brush Set.

Looks cute, has everything you need and does the job nicely. What more could you want?

So that’s it for now but if you’ve found this sort of thing interesting then please check back next where I’ll be throwing on a full face of Friends x Makeup Revolution products 🦞 


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