Specsavers during a pandemic. Is it safe?


Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses

‘The eyes are the window to your soul.’

- William Shakespeare 

We take so much for granted in life and one of those things I have come to realise is our eyesight.

If you are lucky enough to have perfect vision then it would never cross your mind how much not having that luxury can change your everyday life.

I’ve worn glasses for nearly half of my life now and whilst it started as occasional wear for specific activities my sight has now deteriorated to the point that I require glasses full time. I really don’t mind, I quite like them actually and I appreciate the fact I’m very fortunate to be able to see at all. I genuinely don’t take my sight for granted now.

Not being able to see clearly is not only a hinderance, it also causes me great anxiety as well as headaches and discomfort. It’s not pleasant at all.

In the time I’ve needed glasses I have always gone to Specsavers and never had anything but excellent customer service. My style may have changed over the years but my loyalty has not.

I usually visit every two years without fail for a check up and new glasses when my eyesight has inevitably deteriorated further but due to the pandemic I was unable to attend last year meaning I was severely overdue and really suffering because of it.

Personally I didn’t have any worries in regards to my safety at Specsavers during the pandemic but I have seen a great number of people questioning a couple things.

  1. Are eye tests actually taking place right now?
  2. If so, is it safe to attend?

I wanted to take this opportunity to try and ease some of those concerns and document my experience at Specsavers Westwood Cross in Thanet, Kent.

First things first it was very reassuring to know that you couldn’t just wander into the store to have a browse because you’re bored. I was met at the door by a member of staff who took my name and then allowed me to enter. There are restrictions on the number of customers allowed in store at any one time so social distancing was very easy to achieve. Everyone wore masks and hand sanitiser was readily available. 

I would also like to mention that if for any reason you are unable to leave your house you can also book a home visit which I think is a wonderful idea.

All equipment and furniture was sanitised after each use, something I saw with my own eyes and really appreciated. 

Totally besides the point of my post really but I’d just like to mention the OCT (optical coherence tomography) scan. I’d never had one before but it was included along with my standard eye test for £30 and I’m so glad because it was incredibly interesting! The scan produces a 3D image and provides a greater understanding of your eye health. 

Regular eye tests are so important but not just for your vision. They they can also pick up on a multitude of health issues (which is another reason I wanted to write this post, everyone should be encouraged to avoid missing their appointments if at all possible, even during a world wide pandemic. It’s no less important than any other medical appointment) so an OCT scan really just goes hand in hand with that to give you the best possible reassurance that everything is as it should be.

When it came to picking my new specs I was guided by a really lovely member of staff. Usually I absolutely hate being shadowed by retail staff (and I say this as someone who has worked in retail!) and just want to be left alone to get on with it but honestly it was such a nice experience. I was helped to pick frames to suit my face shape and suggested styles I might not necessarily have chosen myself but did actually end up buying! It was also really reassuring to see that whilst I was totally welcome to try on as many styles as I liked they were then taken away to be sanitised which must be a big job in itself if you have a particularly indecisive customer but I was never made to feel like an inconvenience. Before I left I was also give an appointment to come back and pick up my new specs. So again, lots of focus on minimising the number of people around at any one time.

My experience was overwhelmingly positive and had I felt any unease at the prospect I would now feel very reassured that my worries were unfounded.

I feel pretty confident in saying that Specsavers will continue to be my go to for the next 15 years just as they have been for the last. 


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