Disney Collabs I Want To See From Brands...

I Heart Revolution Disney Collection

Disney has been such a huge part of my life from pretty much birth. Apparently my mum used to pick them up on VHS at boot fairs for me as a baby and I would happily sit in my bouncer watching hours of Disney Sing Along Songs (does anyone else remember those?!).

It’s not something I have ever grown out of, if anything my love has only intensified with age and I’m ok with that!

Brands have been jumping on the Disney bandwagon left, right and centre for years with collaborations of all shapes and sizes (and some definitely better than others!).

Colour Pop, I Heart Revolution, Essence, Spectrum Collections and MAC to name a few.

Here are some things I’d love to see in the future...

1. Packaging with more pizazz.

One of the things I love most about  vintage Disney is that it’s just so extra. I want to see ornate, authentic fairytale themed packaging. 

I want to feel like I’m diving head first into one of my favourite tales as I open that palette (I Heart Revolution has probably come the closest to what I mean).  

To be honest, I’d probably be happy with a subpar product if the packaging was on point and collectable which probably isn’t a popular opinion. 

2. Better thought out colour stories.

I can’t be the only one who has looked at some of the colour schemes of the more well known Disney collections and just thought ‘eh?’. 

I don’t know if the palette should reflect the aesthetic of our favourite characters or give us everything we need to achieve the ability to mimic the icons themselves but I know I have so far been very underwhelmed by the majority of what has been on offer (Essence, I’m looking at you!).

3. Brands thinking outside the box.

If you’re going to work on a product that is a homage to something that is so important to the childhood of so many people then do your damn research!

I don’t want any old print just slapped onto a box. I want innovative ideas and well thought out designs (like WHY has no one released a Cinderella lipstick in a pumpkin shade? Perfect in regards to working the theme but also wearable all year round. It’s an instant win guys!). I want to know what I’m looking at without you telling me. Spectrum Collections are the queens of nailing a theme (so please ladies for all our sakes, we need a Disney cosmetics line!). 

We need exciting shade names that will flood our minds and hearts with treasured memories. We need more than what we are being given.

I could go on but I’m sure you get the point. 

If there are any brands out there that are willing to hire a makeup enthusiast/Disney addict with no actual experience in the development of cosmetics then I’m here guys. Look no further.



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