10 Indie Cosmetic Brands That You Need In Your Life...

2020 has truly been a year of reflection for so many people. It has given me so many things to be grateful for as well as the numerous worries I’m sure the majority of us have had.

One thing I will happily take away with me into the new year is a new found appreciation for small businesses and indie brands.

The beauty community is saturated with talent. Some more week known than others but all admirable in their quest to achieve their dreams.

Here is a list of some of my favourite indie cosmetics brands, fingers crossed you’ll find something new and exciting to sink your teeth into!


Arttitude Cosmetics

UK Based
Cruelty Free

I’ve spoken about Arttitude before and to be honest my love for the brand has only grown since then. 

The Colour Splash palette is the perfect addition to your collection if you’re after something daring with the kind of pigment quality most high end brands could only dream of!

Their product line has expanded considerably in recent months whilst still keeping up with the impeccable standard of previous products. What more could you ask for?


Lois Cosmetics

UK Based
Cruelty Free

Lois Cosmetics launched earlier this year and oh my god what a year it’s been! 

You know I’m all about girl power and this female founded brand hasn’t let the pandemic stop them from taking the beauty community by storm with not one but two high quality eyeshadow palettes (Gone Rogue for you thrill seekers and Rose Metal to soothe the most romantic of souls) plus a whole collection of other gorgeous goodies. 

There truly is something for everyone.


Palm Beauty

UK Based
Cruelty Free

Palm Beauty is the baby of the bunch. Founded by Courtney Green of TOWIE fame this little gem is brand spanking new with a launch date that is imminent.

If you’re after an eyeshadow palette that’ll take you from day to night on any occasion and all year round then look no further because Palm Beauty has you covered with their warm toned, neutral 9 pan beaut.

You’ll also find a collection of lip products that will become handbag essentials in no time!


VE Cosmetics

UK Based
Cruelty Free

If you’re after something with a little bit more edge then VE Cosmetics is perfect for you.  This one woman powerhouse is all about ensuring ethical practices whilst still being fierce as they come.

You’ll find stunning eyeshadow palettes (witchy vibes all round guys, you’re gonna love em!) as well as a whole host of lip products with a formula and finish to suit everyone (with some seriously unique shades to boot!).

This is seriously one to watch.



UK Based
Cruelty Free

Luxury is probably the word that first springs to mind when I think about Labelle. 

With an extensive range of products (the diamond highlighters are my fav!) they manage to hit the mark each and every time with their on trend releases.

Pretty much the perfect present selection for the beauty lover in your life.


Unicorn Cosmetics

UK Based
Cruelty Free

UC has come a long way since they first launched their now iconic lashes.

With two gorgeous palettes, a selection of stunning pigments and brushes that look like they escaped straight from a Disney movie you really are spoilt for choice.

They also have the most beautiful and magical aesthetic that I’m kind of obsessed with. Mermaid brushes. Give me the strength to not skint myself!


Myali Beauty

UK Based
Cruelty Free

Gorgeous palettes, pigments and brushes with packaging so beautiful you’ll want it pride of place in your home.

The vibrancy of each eyeshadow palette is second to none yet they have managed to combine exciting colour combinations with an easily wearable everyday vibe.

Honestly, I kind of want everything.


SCRPN Cosmetics

UK Based
Cruelty Free

Step into an ethereal dream with SCRPN Cosmetics. 

Their stunning pigments come in a variety of incredible duo chrome colours. They also have the most fluffy lashes with a unique twist, a pop of colour to brighten your day!

Bethan Weston (brand founder) really knows her stuff.



UK Based

This one will need no introduction. If you haven’t tried the P.Louise base then you need to get an order in right this minute because it is honestly a game changer. 

The brand juggles being recognised world wide (it’s a favourite of Kim K don’t ya know!) whilst still managing to maintain its roots, giving back to her supporters is something that Paige does on a daily basis. 

If you’re after a purchase with plenty of heart, soul and positivity then P.Louise will have your back.


Spectrum Collections

UK Based
Cruelty Free

Last but not least we have Spectrum Collections which let’s be honest, you already know by now is probably my favourite brand of all time.

Their innovative brush designs are funky but functional. Extremely instagrammable but always top notch and made to a professional standard.

After developing their own make up line last year there is now no stopping the welsh sisters with a passion for fashion and all things pink!

Will you be shopping indie this Christmas?


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