Positive Things I Am Taking Away From Lockdown

Lockdown has been a scary experience for so many people. My partner has been furloughed from work in the hospitality industry and at the moment we aren’t sure if he even has a job to go back to. My children are missing valuable months of school. I have one son in year 8 and another in year 1. Both at very different times in their lives and I was never prepared to take the reins when it comes to their education.

It would be so easy to dwell on all of the things that are uncertain and negative. Don’t get me wrong, there have been days where I have done just that and it has been a terrifying place for my mental health.

Today I wanted to focus on the positives. All of the great things I have learned, experienced and will take away from these months or uncertainty.

Home Schooling

Parents will absolutely be able to back me up here. Trying to gain any sort of insight into your child’s day at school is like pulling teeth.

A never ending cycle of ‘can’t remember’, ‘nothing’ and if I’m lucky an in-depth rundown of what they have eaten for lunch. 

This experience has given me an amazing opportunity to get to grips with the things my children are studying at school. Helping with homework is one thing but having to take part in so much of their learning has really opened my eyes to the amazing range of subjects and topics they are being educated in.

Not only that but also the chance to truly see where their passions lie. I always knew my oldest son loved and was good at Science, I now know that he finds History fascinating (and has also taught me a thing or two). My younger son is very difference in the way he approaches his school work. He just doesn’t have the attention span that his brother does but his creativity is second to none and his thirst for facts is amazing!

I will be forever appreciative of this time with them and I truly think it has made me a better parent. It has been a horrifying experience at times (I am far from a teacher and I have been terrified of letting them down) but it has been something that has helped us bond and grow together.

Life Goals

I have been stuck in a rut for longer than I remember. I haven’t worked since going on maternity leave when my youngest was born two years ago and whilst it has been amazing to be able to spend this time with my baby I have found that I have slowly begun to lose myself. I know now that I am the type of person who needs time to myself. I know that I need to get back to a work environment, make new friends and grow as an individual person and not just ‘mum’. 

It’s given me the push I need to start planning for my future and what direction I would like it to take. I’ve decided to go back to college and do some sort of course to broaden my horizons with the beauty industry. I’m not quite sure what that is yet but I know that I’ll figure it out and that thought alone has given me a new lease of life and also a renewed passion for my social media (which is most based around the beauty industry itself).


I’m lazy. Like I cannot stress enough I lazy I am. I wish I wasn’t but I am and I hate it. My diet can be horrendous. I love treats. Sweet or savoury, throw them all at me. 

Being stuck in has really opened my eyes to the fact that I really don’t like the way I am. I WANT to be more active. I WANT to eat healthier. I have always fed my family well, I cook from scratch a lot of the time and love meal planning. Alas the snack life is out to get me.

The shops, restaurants and entertainment venues being closed has really pushed a ‘daily walk’ to the forefront of my mind and made it so much more appealing. It’s something I will definitely appreciate more when things start to steadily go back to normal, whatever that is.


No relationship is perfect and I’m sure this experience has really created a wedge between a lot of couples. Spending so much time together can be lovely but also incredibly difficult. 

Not having the escape of work or hobbies is hard but has given me a new appreciate for the space it gives us. Being able to bing something on Netflix without having to take the other person into consideration is highly underrated! 

I will definitely be exploring my options when it comes to activities outside of the home and my family when this is over. I never realised how much it was something I needed (and no doubt my family probably need the space from me too!). 

There are loads more things that I could list here (and maybe at some point I will!) but for now I think that’s enough. This was never a situation anyone would have asked for but all we can do is make the most out of what we are given.


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