The Cow Shed Bar & Grill Birchington Review

I just want to clarify first of all that whilst this was not a gifted meal, we did have some vouchers (received for my Birthday and Christmas from family members). 

Also a little bit of advice, BOOK IN ADVANCE! These guys get busy super quickly and you don’t want to be disappointed at not being able to get a table especially on a special occasion.

The Cow Shed Bar & Grill is somewhere we had wanted to visit for AGES. Having heard so many great things about the food we were excited but also apprehensive because surely it couldn’t be that good? I’ll go into more detail as to how I came to this conclusion but our experience surpassed any expectations we may have had and The Cow Shed is now firmly up there as our new favourite place to eat.

To begin with we were greeted by a lovely staff member who pointed us towards the back room (the whole restaurant is quite cosy. Not massive but nicely spaced so that you don’t feel like you’re on top of anyone!). With its rustic decor and warm atmosphere, we instantly felt relaxed and comfortable.

We started our meal off with a couple of drinks (a beer for Mark and of course, cocktails for me!) which were averagely priced in my opinion. Just over £4 for a Peroni and £7.50 for a Sex on the Beach is actually pretty decent to be honest (and it was absolutely delicious!). 

We knew when we booked that we would be going the whole hog (or cow?). Three courses with drinks and coffee, it was a rare child free night and we wanted the best experience possible. Our starters, King Prawns (£7.50) and Deep Fried Brie (£8.50) were outstanding. Packed with colour and flavour and really good portion sizes. The choice of starters themselves was actually really good in general, loads of things we both would have happily eaten but I’m so pleased with what we had.

The main menu was full of really great options but we had pretty much decided it was going to be steak for us both before we even sat down. 

The steaks are priced from £14 up to £22 depending on the size and cut. We decided to go middle of the road with the 10oz Sirloin at £16.50 each and the bloody thing took up half of my plate! No complaints here, I was thoroughly impressed! Included in the price of our mains was a grilled vine of cherry tomatoes. There are no hidden costs within the menu. It is very clearly laid out with what is/isn’t included in the price of your meal. I always feel a bit annoyed at being charged extra for a steak sauce but (which were £2.50 btw) but they were massive! I only ended up using half of mine so I can honestly say I was happy to pay extra. We added Chunky Chips (£2), Onion Rings (£3.50) and a House Dressed Salad (£3.50) to our meal and had an actual feast. 

The steaks were tender, cooked to perfection and perfectly complimented by our chosen sauces (an exciting Port & Brie for Mark whilst I went for a more traditional Garlic & Herb). I know I’ve already mentioned the size of the steak but guys, it was like something straight out of The Flintstones...

Now, we were genuinely full to bursting point at this stage. I helpfully pointed out though that dessert goes to a different part of your stomach (surely everyone knows that!) so it was perfectly acceptable to carry on eating. 

We were presented with the pudding list on a chalk board (so I’m guessing they change on a regular basis which is a great way of tasting lots of different things if you’re a regular customer). Having both decided to go for the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake (all desserts were priced at just over £6) and a couple of cappuccinos. We were unprepared for the absolute beast that was about to be put in front of us.

Guys, we gave it our best shot but the cheesecake beat us, I would like to say though that what we did eat was delicious! Thankfully, we were offered a box that we gladly accepted to take our treats home with us. 

I cannot recommend this place enough. I genuinely can’t moan about one single thing and am over the moon with how our meal went. Everything from the atmosphere to the staff and food were an absolute credit to the establishment and we are really looking forward to our next trip out! 


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