A Kentish Wedding (Big Canterbury Wedding Show) Review.

Wedding planning is exciting! It’s also daunting and I find it easy to become overwhelmed by it all. My fiancé (Mark) and I decided to give the A Kentish Wedding ‘Big Canterbury Wedding Show’ a whirl last Saturday to what we’re letting ourselves in for. Taking it slowly obviously, we’ve only been engaged 2 and a half years after all 😂.

I’m just going to give a run through of some of our favourite stalls. We met some amazing suppliers and have a much clearer picture of what we may want for our big day.

The above flower fall with neon sign was from Bay Wedding Props. I now was one in my house!

First up we have Sweet Majic. Their website says that they are the first to offer edible flowers walls and to be fair I have never seen what they do anywhere else. Their cakes were elegant, colourful and breathtakingly eye catching. I was seriously impressed!

Something we have been pretty sure we wanted right from the start has been a photo booth of some description. Having been to weddings that featured such a thing we were pleasantly surprised how much it brings the guests out of their shells, creating some hilarious and fun memories in the process.

We were lucky enough to meet the lovely guys at TK Studio who instantly put us at ease. Fun, refreshing attitudes with no hard sell. Just letting the products and services speak for themselves. With two options available to cover all bases (although best paired together) we were actually able to get excited about what might be one of our wedding suppliers. The main ‘booth’ itself boasts perfect quality photographs whilst the Selfie Boomerang Pod (yes you read that correctly, you can create wedding boomerangs!) was just full of fun and possibility.

Although pricier then would be possible on our budget, Diamond Circle Weddings were something to behold. Stunning, unique and very impressive to look at. If you’re wanting something a big different the the standard seating set up for your big day then these guys are for you!

A venue right on our doorstep here in Margate! Sands Hotel is sleek and modern yet also feels classic and timeless. I’ve actually eaten here a handful of times and always enjoyed the food and atmosphere, funnily enough it was never a venue I considered for our wedding so it was nice to have something new to mull over! 

This one was a favourite of Marks! Davids Cigar Bar owned by O’Neills Wedding Planners was something neither of us had seen before. We don’t smoke on a day to day basis but my fiancé does enjoy a cigar in special occasions (and really, does is get much more special then our wedding day?).

What can I say about Boho and Bloom?! The most exquisite events decor I have ever seen. I felt like I’d stepped into a scene from Downton Abbey and I was totally ok with that!

From a giant crescent moon to this gorgeous grammar phone. This company definitely stood out amongst the endless sea of ordinary.

CakeyDoodle, would you just look at them?! Is that just not edible art? They’re almost too pretty, I wouldn’t want to cut them! Plus we got given free cake pops so...

Birchington Brides, BBBridal and Bows Boutique are all part of the BB Trinity (3 separate locations within Kent) to cover all of your wedding attire needs. Styles and prices ranges to suits everyone. I can’t wait to book a visit with my bridal party! As an aside, Mark has actually hired a suit from them on several occasions and always been really impressed with the service!

Hands up if you love cheese! Macknade stole our hearts with their amazing cheese wedding cake displays (the samples might also have helped). We both have a serious sweet tooth. However, cheese is life so we may now end up having both.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful (if you’re within Kent) or interesting (if you are a fellow bride to be!). Whatever your reason for reading I hope you have enjoyed and continue to accompany me on this journey!


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